Please Daddy…

Fantasies of a BBW



Dinner & Dessert

His hand, wrapped tightly around my naked thigh, his head on my chest. His breath, slow and deep. I can feel each exhale on my chest.  I run the tips of my fingers down the back of his head, gently... Continue Reading →


Massages & Spankings 

Leading him into the bathroom, I closed the door, stripped off my clothes an climbed into the tub. Kneeling down, I told him to piss all over me. I needed to feel his hot urine running down my body from... Continue Reading →

Praise to My Fat Body

Looking in the mirror it's easy to pick apart what I don't like. My flaws, my imperfections. It's all very evident. But looking in that mirror is a woman who is such a sexual goddess, her body is beautiful, her... Continue Reading →

Fuck him…

She was practically dripping with arousal. Her face flushed with exhilaration. She couldn't wait. Her heart racing, excitement danced wildly in her eyes. Generously applying the coconut oil she stroked the dildo. Watching his eyes as she lubed it, she... Continue Reading →

Dreamlike Fantasies

I dreamt last night and you were there. I was rubbing your back and you were nuzzling my ear. You asked me if I wanted to make you happy and I nodded an told you absolutely. You grabbed me by... Continue Reading →


My hand prints on the window. Left there from the night you pushed me up against it. Memories flash back as if you were here now. I grab my breasts and let the memories take over. The hunger had been... Continue Reading →

Office Foreplay

This morning I woke feeling extra frisky. Dying to play but knowing I didn't have enough time before work I decided to wear my kegel balls to the office. I've never worn them very long but the thought of wearing... Continue Reading →

One Request

Pinch my nipples. Bite my breasts. Grab my hair in your hand. Tug it back, make me moan. Keep my back arched. Smack my ass. Leave red marks on my fat ass where your hands should be. Flip me over... Continue Reading →

Explore My Body

Connect to the depths of my soul Fill the gaps and every hole Kiss my arms, my ass, my back Spank me Daddy, give me a good whack  Penetrate me deep  Wake my soul from its sleep  Kiss away my... Continue Reading →

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