Please Daddy…

Fantasies of a BBW



Thoughts from the Archives

I found this among my drafts, rereading it brought me back to the night we had this argument and again I felt myself incredibly horny. Daddy's anger has an intense power over me. Ohh the way that man makes me... Continue Reading →



Forgive me Daddy, for I have sinned... It was just all a slip, a replacement of one addiction with a similar need.  Something to fill the void. A body to hold mine and give me the fuck I needed. You hadn't... Continue Reading →

Naughty Office Slut

Forgive me Daddy for although I haven't physically sinned, I sure as hell thought about it. I didn't do anything naughty, or bad but I caught myself having nasty thoughts about a man who isn't Daddy and I feel I... Continue Reading →

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