His hand, wrapped tightly around my naked thigh, his head on my chest. His breath, slow and deep. I can feel each exhale on my chest.  I run the tips of my fingers down the back of his head, gently petting him. Moments like these are what I long for.  The comfort of being held by him, his embrace holding me tight, exhausted after a session of lovemaking. I take time to admire the way his skin looks against mine.  My pale, nearly translucent skin, soft and round is sharply contrasted against his dark caramel colour, the skin on his hands rough and strong.  Hands that have seen work, been cut, scratched and often used. Hands that tell stories, used with so much emotion when he talks. Hands that make me weak in the knees.  These strong hands of his, 10 fingers, each long and slim.  Just 10 of the things I love about him.

Closing my eyes, absolutely shattered, I relive the last few hours. This man.  His energy. His light.  I absorb everything I can. I smile and still.  Absolute bliss.

Taking myself back to a couple of hours earlier, where it started, the events unfold in my head. I had a glass of red wine in my hand as I watched the way he floated around the kitchen.  Watching him, completely swept up in his element, it was mesmerizing.  The way he choses each ingredient, the way he handles his knife, the way his eyes light up as the meal comes together.  It is all so delicious. I love the way his muscles flex in his arms as he prepares each dish. The way he casually grins as he’s talking to me between singing lyrics to his favourite songs.  It’s like foreplay without even touching each other. I love this time with him.  I wrap my arms around his waist and kiss his neck as he chops a sweet pepper, turning he places a piece into my mouth.  I bite into it and he kisses me, sharing the sweetness between our lips. I feel the wetness between my legs, the heat, my need for his body beneath me. I laugh to myself knowing that he is oblivious to how much he turns me on. Taking another sip of wine I watch as he grabs the frying pan and tosses the food into the air.

By the time our meal is ready I am feeling drunk on wine and him.  Eating with one hand I keep the other on him, grazing his thigh, touching his knee. Needing to feel his skin close to me I pull my chair closer. Stealing kisses between bites I know he is feeling the way I am.  Swallowing my last mouthful of wine I get up from the table and I stand behind his chair, kissing his neck I move my hands down his chest to his belly. Grabbing his hands I pull him up and lead him to the couch.  Making him sit in front of me I get on my knees and lean into his lap.  Dragging my hands across his lap I can feel his erection. Giving him a coy smile I undo his button and unzip his jeans. Pulling off his jeans I toss them to the side.  Standing before him I slowly begin to move my hips.  Dancing in front of him, I remove my pants and bend over in front of him.  Giving him full access to my ass I allow him to touch it as I shake and bend down, giving him a peak of my wet panties. Slowly standing tall, I stay facing away from him as I undo my bra and pull it through the sleeve of my shirt, seductively dropping it to the floor I turn to face him.  Watching his eyes nearly bulge out of his head as I remove my top and stand before him. I walk to the couch and I lean down to sit on his lap, facing him.  Hungrily his mouth meets mine, while his hands find their way around my body. I feel his erection beneath the thin fabric of my panties and I gyrate my hips into him to feel his erection harder against my pussy. Our tongues dancing, heartbeats racing, I pull away from his face, leaning back.  His tongue slides from my mouth down my chest to my belly. Releasing a moan I didn’t realize I was holding onto I lean back into him, pushing his face into my breasts. Grabbing the back of his head I gently pull back and part his lips with my tongue, pushing deep inside his mouth. Putting my hands on his shoulders I push myself to a standing position on the couch, giving him perfect access to my pussy.  Pulling off my panties I put my foot on the back of the couch and push his head between my legs. Feeling his tongue slide along my lips, circling and tracing its way up and down.  Parting my lips he pushes his tongue inside licking from end to end. His hands on my ass, pushing his face in closer. I have to put one hand on the wall for stability, he has me weak. The way his tongue feels slithering its way around my clit, I worry I will crumble. Sucking, kissing and licking he continues to pleasure me in a way that has me frozen. Moving one of his hands to my pussy he slides two fingers in while focusing his tongue on dancing with my clit. Incredible sensations are pulsing through my body. It takes everything inside of me to keep myself upright and not melt into this man’s face. Slowly moving myself down I rock onto his fingers, eager to peak and have my cum drip from his lips.  Pushing into me, he adds a third finger.  My bottom lip trembling I beg him for more. His tongue never stops moving, flicking, dancing. He adds and releases pressure on my clit, keeping me guessing. “More, more” I manage to cry out. Stretching out his hand he tries to ease the fourth finger in there, unable to at first, he moves his hand into another position and tries again.  The second I feel his hand inside me I know I am about to push over the edge. My walls are bursting, my orgasm knocking on the gates waiting to burst through. I practically see stars the feeling is so intense. Releasing my breath I cry out as my body stiffens and breaks.  The gates bursting my orgasm rushes through my entire body, coursing through my blood, my fingers and toes curl.  Falling into his lap I catch my breath before I lick my cum from his lips, grabbing his hand I suck the cum from each of his fingers.  Sharing with him he pulls me onto his cock, my freshly-cummed pussy thumping and throbbing.  I gently rock in his lap while kissing him, our tongues moving back and forth. I could feel his need for me, ravenous. Pulling me into him tight and close guiding me on his cock. Using my body to pleasure himself.  Releasing my lips I position myself on my knees and ride hard into him. One of his hands finds the small of my back while the other holds my breast as he sucks and flicks my nipple. His rock hard cock penetrates me repeatedly as we find our rhythm. The pleasure too intense with my insanely sensitive pussy, I get off his cock and get on my knees. Slobbering on his cock I take the entirety into my mouth, using my tongue to lick his balls.  Nearly choking I pull off and suck the tip while I stroke the base of his hard cock.  His hands pull the hair from my face as he helps to feed me his cock.  I can hear his whimpers and moans as he softly fucks my face. Trying once again I push his cock to the back of my throat sucking hard, relaxing my jaw and steadying my breath.  I am able to keep this position longer this time, with just my eyes watering.   Pulling back I flick my tongue just under the head of his cock as I stroke his cock.  Moving my face I tilt my head and look into his eyes.  His cock flexes in that moment.  Giving him pleading eyes I ask, “Daddy will you fuck me?”

Bending me over the side of the couch he enters me from behind, his hands on my hips guiding his cock into the depths of my pussy. Needing to feel him hard and deep I push back on it. Meeting his pace, we thrust into each other.  My right hand finds my right nipple as I am getting fucked.  Twisting my nipple the pain meets the pleasure and my pussy clenches, knowing I want to climax again. Slowing the rhythm, he gently spanks my left cheek.  My cry of pleasure lets him know I need it again.  Spanking me harder this time, I feel the gentle sting left where his hand just met my bottom.  Pushing back onto his cock I set the pace, crying out as he fucks me harder and deeper, my climax comes screaming.  Shivering as I cum down the lengths of his rock hard cock he leans down to kiss my neck, reaching his hands around to grab my breasts in his hands.  Pushing down on my body he begins to fuck me hard and fast, needing to fill me with his seed.  The need greater than anything else in that moment, he pushes on harder and faster. I feel his body tighten, his hands squeeze harder and suddenly I feel the spurt, spurt of his cum shooting inside my wet pussy. Pulling me close to him he holds me tight as he finishes, catching his breath. We stand there for a couple of moments until I can feel the mix of our cum trickling down my thigh. Pulling apart as cum oozes from my hole, I turn to share a long kiss with him.  Gently tugging on his lips with my teeth I grin.  Our eyes meet and I know that he wants round two in the bedroom.

Opening my eyes I see he is still there, still fast asleep, still smiling. I slightly change position and fall into a peaceful sleep wrapped in his arms and his affection.