I found this among my drafts, rereading it brought me back to the night we had this argument and again I felt myself incredibly horny. Daddy’s anger has an intense power over me. Ohh the way that man makes me feel.


Forgive me Daddy, for I have sinned…

My thoughts of you are far from innocent. I know that I have caused the anger inside of you, in my desperate need for your attention.  Unfortunately you are just always on my mind. These thoughts are often filthy and extremely delectable.

Recent experiences have been playing over and over in my head. Not too long ago there was an incident and you were extremely displeased with me. I could read the disappointment in your eyes when you walked through that door.  I could feel the anger in your words and yet I felt fucking wet. I swear I could feel a heartbeat coming from my pussy. She was screaming out “Fuck me Daddy! Please fuck me“.  We were in the midst of an intensely serious conversation and it took every part of me to stay in control and focused when all my body wanted to do was jump your bones. Tears were spilling down my face and I was lost for words.

Something about your anger has me completely swooned. I am baffled as I have never particularly enjoyed arguing or disappointment, but seeing that initial look on your face made me need you.  I needed to wrap my mouth around your cock and change that look of disappointment to a look of satisfaction.

Since this night I have been making up scenarios in my head.  I have imagined you coming home, full of rage, your body shaking with anger. My feelings of fear mixed with the need to please you.    These scenarios are never anything too serious, just enough to give you reason to be angry, to give you that fuel, to ignite that fire.  The rage makes you angry, but fills you with passion.  We fight, and then we have rough amazing sex.  You throw me up against the wall, you pull me by my hair. Showing me that you are in control you feel the depths of my soul with your desire for me.  I feel full. I feel loved. I feel needed. Your mouth covers every inch of my body, my pussy overflowing with cum.   My heart feels patched and whole again, until I need you all over again. Then I spark the fire once more.  Waiting to be disciplined.

Obviously I never set out to anger you, this is not something I try to achieve, hell I actually try to avoid it. But for some reason I find myself drifting in these fantasies these days…