Leading him into the bathroom, I closed the door, stripped off my clothes an climbed into the tub. Kneeling down, I told him to piss all over me. I needed to feel his hot urine running down my body from head to toe. It was a burning desire inside of me. I needed to submit to him purely out of desire. He gave me a look as if to say, are you sure? Assuring him that this is indeed what I wanted he grabbed his cock. Aiming it at me like a gun, moments later a warm spray of urine was coating my face and chest. I opened my mouth an stuck out my tongue for him. I heard him release a small moan, obviously pleased with my behaviour. “Baby girl is such a naughty girl. I think she needs a spanking” Daddy said to me. I responded, “but first let me wash us both”. Daddy climbed into the tub and I turned on the shower, sudsing up the luffa I scrubbed his chest while I kissed his shoulders and neck. I massaged the soap into his belly, his thighs an his cock. Scrubbing his body from head to toe I made sure to clean every crevice of his sexy body. Needing him to feel taken care of, it was incredibly satisfying for me. Letting the hot water run over his body, I quickly cleaned myself. Anticipation grew inside me as I knew daddy wanted so badly to spank me. Bending over to wash my feet daddy took the opportunity and entered me from behind. Kissing my neck he slow whined into me, allowing me to feel all of him deep inside me. After giving me a couple strokes he pulled out and smacked my ass, “Come on baby lets go to the bedroom.”  
Drying him off with a towel I grabbed a jar ofcoconut oil. Putting a gob in my hand I gently began to massage his feet, paying attention to each of his toes. Then I worked the oil up each of his legs and into his thighs. I could see his hard cock pulsating, but I didn’t touch it. Instead i grabbed more oil an worked my way up his belly, into his chest and down his shoulders. Stopping to lick and play with each of his nipples. Continuing to kiss him I rubbed his belly. Climbing behind him I massaged his shoulders an down his back. I was pleased with how relaxed he felt in my arms. I could feel how each of his muscles released into my hands. I knew he was loving every minute of me rubbing him. Suddenly he grabbed me and pulled me into his lap. Flipping me over I was laid across his knees with my bottom exposed. Rubbing my bum cheeks I felt him dribble some oil on my ass an begin to rub it in. Making sure each cheek was glistening with oil. “Baby girl has been an extremely naughty girl. I’m going to give you 4 spanks and you’re going to count them for me,” said Daddy. 

I nodded yes and then he began. Rubbing the spot as if to prime it, he lifted his hand an a loud smack was heard. I cried out and then said, “One!”.
“Good girl,” Daddy responded, rubbing the spot on my cheek he just smacked. Lifting his hand he brought down his hand for the second spank. SMACK. The sound of his hand against my bare ass vibrated in my ears. Gasping I spoke out, “Two”. 

Rubbing his hand along the spot where his hand print still lay he bent down and laid gentle kisses on my sore ass cheek. Lifting his hand he smacked me hard for a 3rd time. My little voice saying “three” followed the loud smack. I could feel Daddy’s hard cock beneath me, trying to find his way into one of my holes. Finally he delivered his final smack to my soft tush. Coating his fingers in more oil he massaged my ass, carefully tending to the red hand mark left behind on my ass. Pulling me up I turned to face him an crawled into his lap, straddling him. Lifting myself up I lowered down onto his throbbing thick cock. 
Riding him, my tits bouncing in his face daddy telling me in my ear 

“Yes baby girl”

“That pussy is so wet.”

“Bounce baby bounce”
I felt his body tense up and I knew he was ready to explode. Jumping off his cock I got down on my knees and daddy stood up, shooting his hot seed all over my face releasing an animalistic growl. Cum dripping from my chin I licked my lips. Loving the way Daddy’s spunk tasted I hungrily ate every drop.