Forgive me Daddy for I have sinned. 
He showed up bearing joints and a hard on. How I could resist my two favorite things. His mouth quicky found their way to my breasts. His breath hot and moist. My nipples instantly perked up between his teeth. His hands cupping each breast, my moans escaping between breaths. 
Pulling down his boxers his cock sprung to action. Standing tall and ready I couldn’t help myself, I needed to taste him. Moving my lips over the head I gave him little licks, savoring his flavor. Moving his hips he pushed himself into the depths of my throat. My pussy throbbed at the thought of his cock between my pink lips. 
His hands found their way into my panties, my pussy was already wet an throbbing. Removing my pants he pulled me closer to him. Our bodies touching, his hands finding all the hot spots on my body. His mouth kissing my neck and my breasts. While sliding on a condom he asked me to use my vibrator on my clit. Leaning back I put my purple vibrator on its lowest speed. I watched his eyes widen while he watched me. Pulling my legs around him he slowly entered me, filling my pussy with his long black cock.  
Pumping into the depths of my swollen pussy he pushed harder and harder. My vibrator tracing circles around my clit, I was in bliss. Lifting my legs up by his face he entered me again, pumping his hard cock into me, his cum filled balls smacked against my ass. Turning the speed up one notch on my vibrator my pussy clenched an I knew I was reaching climax. I told him harder an he picked up the pace. Circling my clit faster and faster, my pussy pulsating, I held my breath and released into the pleasure. Cum swimming around his cock my pussy squeezed his member tight. The look on his face showed his pleasure in my climax. Flipping over onto my knees I placed myself in front of him. Face buried into the pillows I slipped my hand between my thighs an placed my vibrator on my clit again. This time the tip was lower so it could touch the base of his cock when he thrusted. My pussy was creaming all over his cock and I knew he was loving it. Every couple thrusts he’d pull out an take a deep breath. I know he was doing everything he could to stop himself from spurting. He gave my right cheek a couple rough smacks and I cried out. I wanted to cum again. The next time he entered I squeezed my pussy tight around him and pushed back hard. Bouncing on his dick as he moaned an grunted. I turned up my vibrator and a couple thrusts later I was cumming, hard. Pulling the vibrator off me an laying it at the base of his balls I knew it wouldn’t be long before he was busting. “Oh baby I love how you fuck me with that big black dick” I told him. He was so into it he couldn’t even make words. He was just grunting an moaning. “Come on baby, I want you to bust all over my fat ass.” I coached him. “I know you like that baby, your big dick swimming in my cum,” I said and that must have took him over the edge because he pushed into me deep an held onto me as he released the loudest moan. My pussy was throbbing as I pulled off him and laid my head on the pillow. Giving me a couple spanks he said, “Fuck I love fucking that pussy.”