Please Daddy…

Fantasies of a BBW


May 2017

Massages & Spankings 

Leading him into the bathroom, I closed the door, stripped off my clothes an climbed into the tub. Kneeling down, I told him to piss all over me. I needed to feel his hot urine running down my body from... Continue Reading →


ménage à trois

Forgive me Daddy for I have sinned. It wasn't something I was searching for but when the opportunity presented itself I couldn't resist. For playing with two black cocks has always been a dirty desire of mine. As being spit... Continue Reading →

Joints, dicks & vibrators 

Forgive me Daddy for I have sinned.  He showed up bearing joints and a hard on. How I could resist my two favorite things. His mouth quicky found their way to my breasts. His breath hot and moist. My nipples... Continue Reading →

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