Looking in the mirror it’s easy to pick apart what I don’t like. My flaws, my imperfections. It’s all very evident. But looking in that mirror is a woman who is such a sexual goddess, her body is beautiful, her mind curious, how could you not want to play with her!? 
A quick glance in that mirror will show you my thighs, yoni, belly, breasts. Looking harder into that mirror I see more. 
It’s these thighs that open wide to let you inside. These thighs that grip onto you when you’re deep inside me, pounding into this pussy. These thick thighs that squeeze you when you’re penetrating me so fiercely. These thighs that protect my yoni. 
I see a fat yoni that so eagerly needs you. She swells an juices with every thought of you. Plumping up she squeezes an contracts around the head of your thick cock. She takes a beating but she is always ready for the next round.
I see a big bulging belly that jiggles an bounces. These rolls that show in everything I wear. But this belly gives you something to grab onto when we fuck. Something for you to kiss when you caress me, something for you to rub when you love on me. 
Two large breasts hang on my chest. Not quite as perky as I want but these breasts give me pleasure every time you flick your tongue across my nipples. With every nuzzle, kiss, bite an pinch my yoni swells and drips. These breasts fill your hands and your mouth. My nipples harden at your touch and eagerly await your attention every time we touch. 
My short thick legs. Never lean but solid and strong. These legs hold me when I’m bouncing on your dick. These legs wrap around you when you’re on top. They spread for your entrance. They bend to allow you in from behind. 
All my flaws, an yet each part of me is important an special somehow. My unconventional beauty. These hands look amazing wrapped around your cock. My lips that swell after hours of kissing your body or sucking your cock. That open wide so your dick can fit between them. This ass that jiggles with every step that I take. That turns bright red with every smack you give it, while laid over your lap. This ass that fills out that dress so well.  
This body of mine, something I share so intimately with you. I love watching how you gaze upon me, taking it all in. The way you clench your teeth when my pussy squeezes you. The smile you give me every time I see you. The way you watch me when I suck on you. This body as much as I struggle with it, I love it just as much. For all the things it gives me. For all the pleasure it allows us.