She was practically dripping with arousal. Her face flushed with exhilaration. She couldn’t wait. Her heart racing, excitement danced wildly in her eyes. Generously applying the coconut oil she stroked the dildo. Watching his eyes as she lubed it, she knew he trusted her. Her gave her a quick nod then moved to position himself on all fours on the bed. She got on her knees behind him and began rubbing his ass. Playing with its fullness, smacking one cheek and letting it jiggle. She loved this man’s ass. Definitely one of the first things she noticed about him when they got together. Playing with each cheek, giving them both gentle smacks. Then Kissing each cheek and pushing her face into the crack of his ass so she could tongue his hole. On numerous occasions she had tongued his hole but tonight she was going to fuck it, and she could barely contain herself. She was more than ready. Grabbing some coconut oil on her pointer finger she slowly pushed her finger into his tight little asshole. Her pussy immediately juiced. She was going to fuck this man from behind and she knew she was going to love it. Slowly stroking her black dildo she began rubbing it against his asshole, allowing him to prepare for penetration. She took the head and pushed against his ass but his ass was so tight it refused entry. Grabbing a gob of the oil she rubbed it Inside his hole, pushing two fingers into him. Slowly she worked her way in. Pushing a third finger into the depths of his anal cavity she could feel him stretching to make room for her. She was practically frothing at the mouth. She had wanted this for ages, it was all she fantasised about, all she dreamt about. And finally a man confident enough in his own sexuality to allow her to fulfil her fantasies. He was the only man she had ever been able to open up to completely, the only man who never judged her or her sexual ideas, giving her sexual mind full freedom to do as she pleased. Allowing her to go to new heights and reach new levels of pleasure. Pulling her fingers from his anus she grabbed ahold of the head of the dildo and tried to enter again. This time successfully, she released the breath she was holding because finally she was in. 
Grabbing both of his hips she slowly began to peg him. Gently moving as to not hurt him she pushed in fully then pulled slowly out. In this moment she felt so powerful. For the first time in her life she was holding all the control. To have a man beneath her, taking her hard cock. And honestly she looked sexy as fuck wearing that cock strapped to her pelvis. Between her thighs was a sleek, black 6 inch cock. Not overly large as she wanted to pleasure her man an not abuse him on their first go. 

She began to find her rhythm, thrusting in an pulling out. Not overly fast, but a steady pace. He released a deep growl an she knew he was loving it. “You like this thick black cock in your ass baby?” She seethed through her teeth. He couldn’t even talk, he just moaned a response. “Stroke your cock baby” she told him. 

She was loving every moment of this fucking. She was usually a very submissive woman and loved to be put in her place, but something about pegging had intrigued her for ages. Her pussy was dripping with juices from her excitement. She felt overwhelmed with emotion. She felt him start to tense and she realized he was going to cum, spanking his ass she started to fuck his ass harder. Pushing deeper with each thrust she wanted to his his gspot as he came. His hand began stroking his cock really fast, she knew he was ready to release. Moments later he was spraying his cum. Listening to him groan an moan while cumming made her feel so satisfied, even without her own orgasm she felt as if she was floating. Realizing she had never before giving her man this kind of orgasm she smiled and curled up beside him. Stroking his back as they relished in the moment, knowing that this experience was one she wanted again. Grinning she whispered into his ear, “Baby, next time I want to fuck you with a mold of your own cock”.