My hand prints on the window. Left there from the night you pushed me up against it. Memories flash back as if you were here now. I grab my breasts and let the memories take over. The hunger had been brewing for weeks since we last touched. Practically purring I remember pushing my body against yours. Skin touching, heart pounding, I was practically vibrating in your lap. Your mouth found my neck while your hands caressed my body. Gently giving my ass a smack I smile an push my hips closer to you. Pushing my head down and arching my back I give you full access to my ass. Spreading my cheeks wide you bend down and give my asshole tender little licks. Flicking your tongue along my hole, sending vibrations through my entire body. Moving your tongue down you kiss my pussy, wetting your face with my already moist lips. Sliding your tongue in an out of my yoni, listening to my soft moans, yearning for more. Leaning back you trace your fingers across my lips and along my ass, watching how your hands make my skin shiver. Spitting into my asshole you slip your pointer finger inside, slowly watching how I react. Kissing my pussy you stick your tongue in an out of my hole. Working your finger in my asshole you make room for your second finger to join. Spitting into my ass you slowly stretch it wider an wider. You pull out a sexy metal butt plug, showing it to me I admire its sleekness and beauty, the end with a large sparkly diamond shining brightly at us. Rubbing a glob of coconut oil inside me you wet up the plug and slowly push it inside me. I remember the feeling when it first entered me. My mouth dropped open and my heart started racing. I swear I was near climax at this point. The pressure in my ass was so intense, my entire body was on edge, as if you were drawing on every nerve ending. Your mouth on my clit added to the intensity. I could feel my pussy pulsating, eager to spasm an cum. Deep breaths in, I tried to calm myself. Enjoying the moment, soaking in the sensations. It was hard to not let myself cum right there an then. Spanking my ass cheek you gave me three hard smacks. Squealing with excitement you gave me multiple more spanks, alternating between each cheek, each one stinging just a little more than the last. To ease the pain you kissed each cheek and rubbed gently where your hands had left marks on my ass. Rubbing your hand along my pussy your fingers found my entrance. Just two fingers at first. Slowly spreading me wider and wider. Using my pussy juice to make your hand wetter an wetter. You thrust inside me a couple times then pulled out and rubbed my clit. Making small circles and then back inside me. Hearing that sloppy juicy noise my pussy makes when I’m excited really turns me on. Rolling me over so I was on my back you pull me to the edge of the bed. Sitting on your knees, giving yourself full access to my pussy is when you really went to town. Expertly exploring my pussy with your tongue, flicking and sucking on my clit while you forced more fingers inside me. Spreading me wider an wider, your pace quickened an I could feel you eager to taste my cum. Leaning on my elbows I had the most incredible view of you between my thighs. Four fingers deep you were thrusting hard and sucking on my clit when I peaked. The climax rocketed through my entire body, I was practically seeing stars. Cum squirting from my yoni you thrusted harder, spraying my juices into your face. I could hear you moaning, watching your face of pure joy. Slowing down, allowing me to soak in my orgasm you gently rubbed my clit. Licking your lips, enjoying the taste of me. Watching you made me incredibly turned on. Looking up at me I said. “Don’t stop daddy” and just like that you were sucking on my clit and fingering me, gearing me up for round two. Leaning back so I could play with my nipples your pace was fast and hard, sending vibrations through my yoni. I was enjoying every second of this full attention. Four fingers inside me you turned your hand so it was flat faced inside me an I reached down to rub my clit quickly and suddenly I was squirting again. Spraying juice at you, your arm completely drenched you pushed harder inside me until I screamed one final release. Gasping for air I laid back, while you slowly rubbed me. Letting me take in both orgasms, slowly kissing and licking the juice from my yoni. My pussy pulsating from pure ecstasy. My skin was electric. I was nearly buzzing, coming down from my high. Leaning forward I found your face an gave you deep kisses. Letting our tongues dance an my juices mix in my mouth. Pushing myself onto you, you sat back on the floor an I climbed into your lap. Sitting down hard on your throbbing cock we kissed while I bounced up and down slowly. Feeling you fill my hole so tightly. Your cock so big and thick, as if it was made simply for me. Rocking my hips while our tongues spun circles in each other’s mouths I was in heaven enjoying your body inside of mine. Biting on my lip you grabbed my hips and gave me hard an fast thrusts. Our thrusts matching each other’s harder an harder each time. Your face in my neck, your arms squeezing me I felt you throbbing and realized you were close to cumming. Harder I pushed, meeting your thrusts each time. Suddenly you stopped so I kept riding, watching your face explode with pure emotions. Feeling your hot seed spurt inside me filled me with pleasure knowing our cum was swimming together inside of me. Kissing you, we slowed to a gentle rock. Holding onto each other as if we would never see each other again our kissing slowed an we sat for a few moments holding one another. Enjoying the connection we had just bonded. Looking into your face I gave you a kiss an then stood up to pull you into the bed. Wrapping up in each other we laid like that for a while, just soaking in each other’s glow, enjoying the pleasure we had both just experienced.