I dreamt last night and you were there. I was rubbing your back and you were nuzzling my ear. You asked me if I wanted to make you happy and I nodded an told you absolutely. You grabbed me by the hand and you walked with me down the street. You told me you had a friend who fancied me. Admired the curve of my hips, the fullness of my breasts and the smile on my face. You told me it would make you happy to watch him have his way with me. Intrigued I agreed to do anything that would make you happy. You took me inside to meet the man. He was an average looking, older white man, but I couldn’t see his face. You shook hands and the man grabbed mine. Leading me to his room he sat me on the bed an brought you a chair. You walked over to me kissed me and said to do whatever the man told me. The man then sat next to me and rubbed my thigh. He began to remove my top. Being the good girl that I am I lifted my arms to assist. Then he undid my bra and began to kiss my breasts. Taking his time with each one. I turned so I could watch Daddy and see how he was enjoying his live show. Daddy’s eyes were lit right up, as if he had drank half a bottle of Henny. A naughty little grin was plastered all over his face and I knew this was making him immensely happy. Seeing that assured me I better enjoy myself. Focusing back on the man I began to unzip his zipper but he stopped me. He laughed and told me that he wasn’t ready for that just yet. He pulled a box out from under the bed. In it we’re the sexiest pair of stilettos I’ve ever seen. Black with gold studs, more expensive than anything I’ve ever purchased. He removed the rest of my clothes and then slowly licked and kissed his way down my leg, kissing each of my toes and then placing the shoe on my foot. He then kissed my other leg and gently sucking on each toe he then placed the other shoe on my foot. Laying naked in his bed in just a pair of stilettos was where I woke.  
Feeling disoriented I moved my fingers between my legs to find myself soaking wet. Smiling to myself I gently stroked my body. Working from my breasts to my belly. Using the dream as a starting point to my excitement I lay back with my hands between my thighs, tracing my fingers over my pussy. Closing my eyes imagining you an I together. Our body tangled together. Your mouth trailing my body. Kissing each crevice an curve of my plump body. Kissing each part of me with such passion an hunger. I imagine that had that dream continue the man would kiss my legs rubbing his face by my feet, stroking my legs. Sitting back he would move my feet to sit on either side of his cock. Rubbing the heels along his balls an his cock. Making sure to not hurt him I would stroke his cock with my feet. The man grows rock hard. I can tell he needs these heels on him to cum. He lifts my feet to his shoulders and rubs his hands down my legs. Kissing every inch of my legs as he finds his way inside me. Imagining this as you’re watching I gently rub my pussy, slow large circles. Enjoying the wetness between my lips and the perkiness of my breasts I feel them swell. Imagining you watching as your friend fucks me. Watching your dick harden beneath your jeans. Playing with myself is when I realize that this is something that actually really turns me on. This no longer is a fantasy about fulfilling Daddy’s needs but instead it’s become about me. My desire to be fucked by someone else while the man whom I am nearly obsessed with watches. Imagining this throws my body into overdrive and I begin wildly fingering myself, aching for a release. Finally getting it I lay back and catch my breath, imagining being wrapped up in your arms. Kissing you and holding you till we fall asleep peacefully.