This morning I woke feeling extra frisky. Dying to play but knowing I didn’t have enough time before work I decided to wear my kegel balls to the office. I’ve never worn them very long but the thought of wearing them in public was an instant turn on. Walking to the tube I could feel them lightly jingling around inside me. Ilthe excitement in my body rose slightly with every step. Sitting on the tube it was such a turn on to know that I was surrounded by commuters an my yoni was gently throbbing. Squeezing the balls an releasing. Reaching the office I began my usual day, my coworkers commenting on my extra chiperness in the morning. Sitting at my desk my thoughts are running. It’s hard to focus. I catch myself constantly slipping into daydreams. Visions of you, of us. My hands on your ass. Fingers trailing their way to your cock. The contrast of our skin laying next to each other. Our bodies twisted between the sheets. Our tongues dancing. Work becomes a blur. All I want is you. All I can think about is you. I blame these kegel balls. They’ve made me so ridiculously horny. My pussy aches. Dying to feel ravaged by you. My skin weeps, needing to feel kissed by you. Hydrate me with your love. My nipples stay perky and hard. I’m horny an excited. I need to release. I need to sit on your throbbing cock an ride till we climax together. I need to kiss you long an deep. I need to feel you beneath me, inside me, on top of me. Getting up from my desk I walk to the loo. Balls lightly jiggling, hitting the walls of my vagina. Reminding me of the way your cock fills me, hitting the depths of my vagina. My panties feel moist beneath my skirt. My heart races as I realise what I’m about to do. Quickly locking the stall door I remove my skirt and my panties. Leaning up against the wall of the stall I reach between my legs and feel the wetness. My fingers are soaked. Propping my phone on the toilet roll I am able to get my hips on the screen. Lifting one foot on the toilet seat I give myself the perfect angle to watch myself rub my clit. Hitting record I lean back and gently massage my pussy. Using the wetness from around the kegel balls to massage into my clit. It doesn’t take long before I am near climax, considering I just had 4 hours of gentle foreplay I’m really not surprised. The rush of knowing someone may walk into the loo an hear, playing with my pussy at work and all the pent up excitement has my heart pounding. I gently tug on the kegel balls an push that back inside. Repeating this movement a couple times then returning to rubbing my clit. The tip of my clit hardens an I hold my breath. Cumming with such ferocity that I nearly fall over, I brace myself and slow my fingers to a gentle stroke. Gently squeezing my muscles around the balls while stroking has me realising I can cum a second time. Grabbing my left nipple with one hand an quickly rubbing my pussy with the other I brace myself for the second half of this storm. Quickly I rub with my whole hand. Fast up and down strokes. Watching myself intently on the little screen of my phone I think about your reaction when you receive this video later today. Picturing your hand over my pussy instead of mine, I take a deep breath an reach the second half of my climax. Allowing myself to cum long and hard, I slowly take a deep breath in. Cum dripping down my thighs I remove the kegel balls which are covered in white cream. Quickly I put my skirt back on, wash my hands an head back to my desk.