Pinch my nipples. Bite my breasts. Grab my hair in your hand. Tug it back, make me moan. Keep my back arched. Smack my ass. Leave red marks on my fat ass where your hands should be. Flip me over an pound my pussy. Keep your hand on my throat. Tighter you squeeze the juicier I get. Your dick covered in my juices, squishing, making my favourite noise. Make me scream louder. Pull me closer to you, lips on my mouth, my chest, my belly. I want to feel your heat, your passion, your need. Spit in my face, grab my hips an pound my pussy. Shove your fingers in my mouth. Call me a whore, a slut, a bitch. But fuck me like you can’t get enough of me. Like I’m all you need, all you’ve ever wanted. Fuck me like I’m the cure. Pull out your cock, and shove it down my throat. Make me gag. Face fuck me. Push it farther, shove your balls in there too. Yell at me. Tell me to open wider. Grab my face and pull me closer. Allow me to be your sub. I want your dominant side. Tell me what to do. What you need. What you desire. Fist my pussy. Make me scream. Soak my bedsheets, make a puddle. Make me cum so hard I cry. Spit on my asshole, push your fingers in deep. Prepare me for a fucking. With my ass up,push my face into the pillow and penetrate that tight little asshole. Gain speed. Balls slapping against my pussy. Keep spitting on it. Faster. Deeper. Fill me with your seed. Explode into the depths of my asshole. Fill me till I overflow. Pull out and let me push the cum out onto your face. Lick every drop up. Clean the last dribbles of your cum out of my asshole with your tongue. 
This is the rough sex I crave. The bruises an welts you leave on me let me feel your skin for the next week. Memories of your body. Your mouth. Your desire. It fuels me through the long days. It’s my fire for solo play. It’s our dirty secret. Your tenderness once you see the welts. That’s how I know you care. That you need me too. Our sex is healing. It’s soul nourishment.