Connect to the depths of my soul

Fill the gaps and every hole

Kiss my arms, my ass, my back

Spank me Daddy, give me a good whack 

Penetrate me deep 

Wake my soul from its sleep 

Kiss away my fears

Use your lips to wipe away my tears 

Enter me with affection 

Watch our love in the mirrors reflection

Our loves embrace 

Something I could never replace 

Cover my tender skin in kisses

Tell everyone I’m your mrs

Give me the key to your heart

I promise our bodies will never part 

Tangled up in each other 

I’ve never had a better lover 

Covered in sweat and spit 

Your hands on each tit

Harder and faster till Im about to cum

One finger slips inside my bum 

Our worlds crash, colliding 

But your hips don’t stop grinding

World spinning, I’m falling

This love, our love it’s my calling

All I’ve been looking for in my life 

My only wish is to be your wife…