Shock. The only word she could use to describe the way she was feeling right now. There were no other words for it. It was a day like any other. She kissed Jay before she left for work, running out of the house with her shoes barely on. Her day a blur of meetings, paperwork and emails but she knew at 630 she would walk back into that house and find her deliciously sexy man showering off his day or making dinner. But the phone call she got this afternoon changed all of that. Now she found herself in the basement of the hospital. She was standing here, not quite sure what she was doing here. It all didn’t make sense. Jay is only 28 how could he have had a heart attack. He was healthy and active. He ate well and if you counted the amount of love making they did he had a very active life. So why was she here in the hospital to say goodbye? It didn’t make any sense. How could this be happening to her? They had only just begun their life. She pushed open the door an found a nurse waiting for her. She repeated everything she was told on the phone. The nurse confirmed an then led her to a large room where a body lay under a blanket. She couldn’t believe what she was seeing. There laid Jay, stone cold dead. Running over to his body she laid her face on his chest, taking in his cologne. For she knew this would be the last time she would smell him. Sobbing she asked to be alone. The nurse told her to have as much time as she needed and that when she was ready someone would help her with the paperwork. She laid there with Jay sobbing. The whole situation not really making any sense to her. Jay was her one true love. They had such a unique bond like no other love she had ever experienced. Within 4 months of meeting they had moved in with each other. Never wanting to be away from each other they clicked like two puzzle pieces. Their insatiable need for each other’s bodies was one of the reasons she was forever late to work. Jay was always hungry for her body, needing to taste an please every part of her every chance he got. She laid there for what felt like ages, thinking of how she was going to live without Jay. The reason her life was so great. How she would never get to kiss or hug him every again. How she’d never feel his mouth on her breasts again. How she’d never get another spanking from him or have his fingers trace her vulva again. She looked up at his face and found herself incredibly turned on. This man had the ability to change her mood at any given moment of any day. He’d be able to turn her on by just one or two words, a look or even one kiss. And here she was laying with his corpse finding her pussy soaking wet. She couldn’t resist she had to move the blanket and get one last look of his body. Carefully she tugged the blanket down to his feet and to her shock she noticed a bulge in his jeans. She looked around to make sure no one was watching and then unzipped his zipper freeing his beautiful thick cock that she loved so much. She couldn’t believe it, Jay was hard as a rock. How was this even possible? She gently tugged at his jeans and shorts and brought them down to his knees. Allowing herself to have one last taste she took the head of his cock in her mouth an gently sucked. Licking him from tip to base she took the entirety in her mouth an sucked on him long and hard. She was so horny now. Her pussy was pulsating. She couldn’t believe she had just sucked on a dead mans cock but what she couldn’t believe even more was that all she wanted to do was get on his cock and ride. Realizing this was the last chance she’d ever get to feel Jays hard black cock between her pink lips plunging into the depths of her core she quickly hiked up her skirt an removed her panties. Climbing right on top of the table, she grabbed his chest an straddled that man she loved so dearly. Slowly rising herself up she settled herself down onto his cock releasing a quick gasp. He was inside her again an he felt hard and warm. She was transported back to this morning. Waking up to him hovering over her body, cock already buried deep inside her. She closed her eyes an rode his cock imagining they were back in their bed fucking just like they had done less than 8 hours previous. Slowly she slides up and down. Allowing herself to feel him fill her over and over. Reaching down she grabs his hands and moves one to her breast and the other to her mouth. Sucking his finger she grinds into his hips. Feeling the tip of his shaft hit her gspot. Grinding deep she rides harder and harder. Longing to feel herself release on Jay’s cock one last time. Leaning back as she rides she uses one hand to rub her clit. Knowing she’s about to cum she stops. Sitting still on Jay’s dead body she leans over and fills his face with kisses. Lingering on his lips and inhaling the scent of his neck. Rubbing her face in his beard. She takes a deep breath an begins to ride again. Slow deep strokes her eyes begin to roll back into her head. She is loving the control she has over Jay’s body and her orgasm right now which makes her question why she had never tied him up. She had been bound and gagged numerous times but never had he been tied up before. Slowly rubbing her clit, she leans back on one hand and grinds hard into his cock. Seconds later she is gripping his thigh, sending cum spraying down his shaft. She stops thrusting down but leans back an rubs her clit until her orgasm ends. Taking a deep breath she realizes she wants to cum more. Still sitting on his cock she lifts herself up and adjusts her body so when she lowers herself he enters into her tight little asshole. Using her pussy juices as lube she makes sure he is extra wet. Lowering down she finds it’s a little hard to get his cock to slide in. Spitting on her hand she lubes her asshole an tries again. Finally he plunges deep into her tight little asshole. Gasping for air she relaxes. Bouncing her ass on his cock she enjoys the feeling of being filled all too much. She knows it won’t take much and she will be squirting all over Jay. Using one hand she begins to rub her clit, continuing to bounce she gazes at Jay’s face. She feels her body tighten up, throwing her head back she forces him deeper and deeper inside her ass. Grinding deep she can’t keep it back any longer she is squirting all over Jay’s body. Releasing a loud moan she leans back and soaks it all in. Suddenly she realizes that she just fucked the corpse of her dead boyfriend. Mortified she jumps off his cock, dresses him and then herself. Giving him one final kiss and hug she pulls herself together and leaves to find the nurse.