​It’s late and I can tell you’ve had a rough week. All I want to do is make you relaxed. Laying between your legs I begin to kiss your thighs, rubbing my hands down your legs. Covering your lower half in kisses.  I feel your body start to release the tension you’ve had built up all week.You lean back and rest your head on the pillow. I unbuckle your belt and undo your jeans. Tugging them down you push your hips up so I can pull off your jeans and boxers. Your cock springs up from the tightness of your shorts and stands at full attention. I remove your socks and start to massage your foot. Rubbing the sole of your foot and down between your toes you quietly sigh. Knowing that this is working I continue onto the other foot. Grabbing the coconut oil from beside the bed I rub it into your feet. Paying attention to cover every inch of your feet. Slowly I massage my way up each leg, being sure to rub the oil in good as to not leave a sticky residue. At this point I can tell you’re fully relaxed. Your hands behind your head and your eyes are gently resting closed. It makes me happy to see you at peace. I begin to kiss your thighs. Tracing my tongue up your thigh down below your sac. I move my tongue along your sac and down the shaft of your cock. Your cock is thick and pulsating. I can tell you want to shove it down my throat and feed me your hot seed. I slowly kiss the tip of your cock,swirling my tongue around the edge. Then I lick my tongue back down your shaft and kiss your balls. Taking them into my mouth I begin to suck gently. I hear you gasp and I know that it feels good for you to be inside one of my holes. I spit on your balls and make them extra slippery. Kissing and licking my way back down your cock. I begin to suck on the tip of your cock while my right hand plays lightly with your spit covered balls. Taking you deeper into my throat I force as much of your cock as I can deep into my throat. A couple seconds later I begin to choke. I remove your cock and start again. Determined to fit the whole thing in my throat I slowly push it deeper an deeper inside my mouth. I look up and realize you are watching me with intensity in your eyes. Stroking your shaft I use the motion to slowly push your cock further down my throat. Gagging on it I pull it back out. Your cock is soaked in my spit and it begins to drip down your balls. Creating a slippery mess. I begin again and manage to get your entire shaft into my mouth. Leaving your balls sitting on my lips. I stick my tongue out and lick your balls as your cock sits in my throat. It’s then that you grab my face and begin to face fuck me. Thrusting your cock in and out of my throat with such fierceness. I make eye contact and your eyes are pleading with me to let you cum. Knowing you need to fill my belly with your hot cum I begin to slightly gag. I see your eyes nearly roll back into your head and then your thrusting becomes faster an harder. Your body stiffens an I can tell you’re about to release. Your whole body shakes and then spew, spew, spew your cock spits out three loads of cum. Shooting directly down my throat. Filling me with your cum, I suck harder, needing every drop of cum to be drained from your cock. Your body quivers but I don’t stop. Sucking and licking I pull every drop of cum out of the head that I can. Slightly softer I push your cock back into my throat. Allowing it to just sit there, Filling my mouth. Gently I stroke your balls an the space between your balls an cock. Rubbing and stroking as you come down off your high from cumming. Needing more I begin to suck hard on your cock, forcing it to stiffen up. Spitting all over it I stroke your shaft as I suck your head. Flicking my tongue along the bottom of your head. Your eyes spark up and you groan. I know you’re tired but I’m still hungry for your seed. Stroking and sucking quickly makes you hard again. Knowing you’re ready for round two I begin to take you deeper and deeper inside my mouth. Getting you further and further down my throat with each try. Finally after lots of slobber and some light gagging I manage to get your entire shaft down my throat. My eyes begin to water but gargling on your cock makes me realize it’s worth it. Watching your face light up as your entire cock is sitting in my throat is worth the pain each time. You start squishing your balls into my mouth shoving them into every open crevice. It doesn’t take long and soon your entire cock and balls are inside me but I am soon gagging and forced to pull you out. Your monster cock is just too much for my throat. You grab my face and pull me up to kiss you. Sticking your tongue deep in my mouth. We kiss for a couple minutes, then I go back between your thighs. Pulling you back into my mouth I work my way down your shaft, getting every inch in there. You then grab my face and begin to thrust your cock deeper an deeper into my throat. Making me cough and gag but you don’t let that stop you. You need to feed me that cum, so you fuck harder. Forcing your cock in as far as it will go then back out and in again. Thrusting with all your power, finally you stiffen and I feel the load coming. Back down in my throat your cock goes as it sputters and spits cum down into my belly. Releasing a loud groan you force your cock in as much as you can. Holding my head onto your cock. Sitting there for a moment allowing you to finish I can feel the cum dripping down the back of my throat, sliding down into my belly. Feeling weak an unable to move I lay there, between your thighs, cock still in my mouth, gently sucking on it like a pacifier. I gently fall asleep, full of cum and happy.