Please Daddy…

Fantasies of a BBW


January 2017

One Request

Pinch my nipples. Bite my breasts. Grab my hair in your hand. Tug it back, make me moan. Keep my back arched. Smack my ass. Leave red marks on my fat ass where your hands should be. Flip me over... Continue Reading →


Explore My Body

Connect to the depths of my soul Fill the gaps and every hole Kiss my arms, my ass, my back Spank me Daddy, give me a good whack  Penetrate me deep  Wake my soul from its sleep  Kiss away my... Continue Reading →

Lonely Nights 

Longing for his touch. His body between my thighs, kissing my belly as he finds his way to my lips, moist with excitement. I long for the smell of his skin. And the musk that lingers on his skin after a... Continue Reading →

Dead Stiff

​Shock. The only word she could use to describe the way she was feeling right now. There were no other words for it. It was a day like any other. She kissed Jay before she left for work, running out... Continue Reading →


​It's late and I can tell you've had a rough week. All I want to do is make you relaxed. Laying between your legs I begin to kiss your thighs, rubbing my hands down your legs. Covering your lower half... Continue Reading →

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