​Tuesday morning commute, groggily joining the thousands of other people on the tube. Managing to snag a seat a couple stops later I sit and get back into ‘Swing Time ‘ the current book I am reading. Couple pages later I look up and there she was, this beautiful slim-thick dark skinned woman.  Dressed in docs, a jean skirt and a stripped low cut top showing off her bountiful breasts, jacket left open. I often catch myself admiring another woman’s beauty, but this was more than your stereotypical magazine level of  beauty. It was pure an natural beauty. Her dark skin shone with light and uniqueness. She had a scar on her forehead and a hoop in her nose. Her eyes were big and brown, full of life. Her hair naturally dark and big.  She was stunning. 

I was having a hard time not staring, but all I wanted to do was touch her. Bring her home to my bed and love every inch of her sexy body.  She looked irritated but every time she caught me looking she gave a small smile.
My heart was racing, thoughts scattering in my head.  Visions of her and I skin to skin, her dark skin against my fair skin, her eyes fueling my desire. Her lips on mine, kissing me deep and slow.  Hands on my hips, telling me to slow down, enjoy the moment. Deep breaths, slowing my pace. 

Never have I had such an intense girl crush on a strange woman before. It was deep and intense. Emotional an raw.  I could think of nothing else for the rest of the day.  All I wanted was her mouth on mine. Sharing the same taste, tongues dancing playing games in our mouths.  Our bodies becoming one as we stripped down to nothing but our skin on skin. Embracing her warmth, the emotional connection of two souls touching. My hands in her hair, on her breasts, her ass, the gift of hair between her legs. My lips moving from each of these places, indulging in the spots that make her moan.

Then my stop came, and with only the simple words of, “Excuse me,” she was gone from me. Forever left my presence but staining my brain with thoughts of her raw nakedness dancing before me.