​Backseat of the taxi, riding home after a night with our friends. The night has been fun, and I can  tell you’ve enjoyed yourself because you haven’t stopped smiling since we left.  Buzzing on Henny we’re giggling and joking with each other, paying no mind to the older Indian man driving the cab. Looking in your eyes I see the hunger and unable to resist I lean over an kiss you.  You pull me closer and I move myself to straddle your lap.  Kissing you, my hands find their way from your face to your chest.  Pinching your nipples through your shirt I feel your cock harden beneath me.  Your kiss deepens and your tongue moves faster. Your hands moving from my hair to my ass, fingers finding their way under my dress.  Hands grabbing my bare ass, you smack my left cheek.   Hard enough to make me gasp.  Giggling I find your mouth again.  I reach down and unzip your pants releasing your rock hard cock from your pants, never removing my lips from yours. We continue to kiss as I gently stroke you.  Your heart begins to beat faster and I know you want inside me. Your hands still on my ass move and suddenly I feel you ripping my panties. Laughing, you toss the torn fabric onto the seat beside us.  I move myself up and slowly slide down onto your cock, gasping as I feel you penetrate.  In this taxi, in the middle of the night as some unknown man is driving us, you and I are lost in each other. Acting as if no one else exists. Knowing that some strange man is watching us excites me and  I giggle.  The car bounces over a speed bump and I hit my head on the roof.  Laughing as you kiss my head you lay me back on the seat and begin to lay into me.  One thumb rubbing my clit as you move your hips, in and out, slowly so I can feel every inch.  Crying out I grab your ass, “Faster Daddy,”. 

Pulling me up, you flip me so I am face down ass up, entering me from behind you hit me with the hard strokes. Minutes later I am squeezing your cock, holding onto him with my pussy, knowing I am about to cum.  You grab my hair giving it a hard tug pushing yourself as deep as you can go.  Three hard strokes later I cry out as my body explodes and I climax. Cum dripping from your cock you flip me around so my face is in between your legs and you face fuck me.  Choking on your cock I take you as deep as I can while jerking the base of your cock.  Just as we pull into our driveway you explode deep into my throat. Releasing the loudest groan your cum spurts from your cock, filling my belly with your hot seed.  The driver turns around, thanking us for the show.  You pay the man and we stumble into the house, high on the excitement of our exhibitionism, ready for round two.