​Last night laying in bed I found myself in such a state.  Throughout the day I can mostly keep myself busy enough  that I don’t ache to be  touched, but at night it’s a different story. Last night I felt like I would never get to sleep unless I came. Ridiculously horny, aching to be held, fucked and kissed.  Dying for the closeness of your body I gently stroked my breasts and rubbed my clit till I was extra juicy and wet.  Alternating between one an two fingers I fingered my throbbing pussy. The juices dripping between my fingers. Becoming more aggressive with my nipples, now pinching and tugging it wasn’t long before I began to feel an orgasm building. Imagining you between my thighs, kissing my pink pussy lips, flicking your tongue against my clit, my body was preparing to cum.  Visions of you coming up for air, my juices dripping from your beard, that sexy devilish grin upon your face.  I quickly moved from fingering to rubbing my clit and then back again. The switch up keeping me from cumming right away.  Being tired and frustrated I didn’t even try to edge, knowing this cum is what I needed if I wanted to sleep tonight. Nipple pinched between two fingers and the other hand vigorously rubbing my clit I came in a flash. Instantly feeling an inch of relief. No where near satisfied, but at least the edge gone, I was able to rest.  It wasn’t long before I was sound asleep wrapped in only my blanket and Mr. Daddy’s tee.  

The beginning is hazy but I remember waking hours later finding myself intensely rubbing my pussy.  Not sure how or why I started I quickly noticed that my pussy was dripping cum, soaking wet. My hand was drenched and moving so fast. Waking more by the minute the pleasure hit me like a wall and I think I moaned out loud. Without even thinking I kept going, feeling the need to cum, not sure of why I was playing with myself in my sleep.  I kept the pace, hearing pussy juice squish and flow from my overly excited nukki. I held my breath, grabbing my left nipple in one hand and a second later I was cumming. I felt cum squirt from between my legs like a tap and then I was still. Able to catch my breath again. Left wondering, what the fuck just happened?