Daddy finds me curled up in a ball binge watching Netflix.  He asks me what’s wrong? I tell him mother nature has come to ruin me.  He leaves the room and I hear water running.

Couple minutes later he comes to my room and starts stripping off my clothes, “Come baby,” he leads me to the bathroom, where he has drawn me a bubble bath.  Candles on all the ledges he helps me into the tub.

“Relax here baby girl, I’ll be right back.”

I lay deep into the bubbles, closing my eyes, allowing the water to slip over every inch of my naked body.  Already feeling immensely better, I smile and rest.

About twenty minutes later Daddy comes and sits on the ledge of the tub. Using a cloth he starts washing me. He takes care to be gentle and slow, making sure to wash each inch of me.  When his cloth runs over my breasts they perk up. I watch him as he rings the cloth out and traces over my breasts again. After washing each part of me he brings the cloth down my belly to my yoni.  He begins to rub gently, moving his eyes to mine. His gaze is intense, smoldering into me.  I realize that I am moaning.  Daddy is rubbing my clit, watching me so intensely it makes me shiver.  I stare back as he drops the cloth and uses just his fingers. Circling my clit in gentle circles I lean back and relax into his hands.  Daddy reaches out and grabs one of my breasts with his other hand.  Fingers pinching the nipple he twists and pulls, bringing me closer and closer to climax. My breath is heavy, filled with moans enjoying every sensation.  Daddy’s intense eyes on me, his hand on my yoni, the other playing with my nipple. I catch his eyes and he quickens his pace. I can feel the cum rising, my body wants to release. I hold my breath as I am on the edge, hard and fast Daddy pulls the cum from me, releasing into a hard and long orgasm. Crying out with the release, my heart pounding, legs shaking. Daddy slows his hands and gently begins to massage my thigh, circling his thumb. After a couple deep breaths I begin to return to my body, here in the tub surrounded by water and bubbles. I notice Daddy watching me with such intensity. It makes me crave him inside me. He pulls me from the tub and wraps me in a towel, pulling me into him, holding me. Brushing my hair back from my face he kisses me, nuzzling his way down to my neck.  We walk back to my room where he lays me on the bed. Pulling my towel away he grabs the jar of coconut oil and begins to coat me in it, rubbing it in with his strong hands. Starting with my feet, he works his way up to my thighs. The feeling is so amazing, I am smiling and watching him. Feeling my body begin to heat up, needing Daddy inside me.

He skips over my yoni and massages the oil up my belly and across my chest.  Paying extra attention to my nipples he stops to make sure they harden and perk before moving onto the next part of my body.

He admires his work then he takes a little more oil and returns the jar to the table. Spreading my legs he begins to massage my yoni. I try to stop him, knowing that he will end up bloody, but he persists, smiling up at me with his big brown eyes. I lean back and relax into his fingers, knowing it won’t be long before he has me pulsating and quivering.

My breath is heavy and my heart begins to race. Daddy has amazing fingers and it never takes long before he has me melting in his hands. I begin to tighten, my senses heightened, I feel an orgasm coming. Moaning I tell Daddy not to stop.  He laughs a little and says, “Wait for me,” and then removes his clothing. Centering me on the towel he pulls me by my hips, raising my legs up in the air.  On his knees he slowly penetrates me, I feel every inch of him entering me.  That initial penetration is my favourite feeling, forcing my eyes back, my body opens up for him. Watching his eyes widen, his face so serious I know he is going to bring us both to climax. Pushing his rigid cock into me, I feel so full, as if not anymore can fit into me, yet he continues to go deeper. Rocking his hips he grows harder, pushing deeper inside me. My yoni begins to quiver, tightening and squeezing him. I see Daddy’s eyes close for a moment as he takes it all in. Moments later he begins to pound into me, on a rampage with such force. His body is begging to cum, he requires the release like I need him. I grab his face and pull him into a deep kiss, he slows his force, hungry for my mouth.  We roll and I am on top, tongue still in his mouth. Hands running down his chest I sit myself up and lean back into his thighs.  Cock deep and rock hard I move my hips in a slow circle, feeling every inch move inside me. I watch Daddy’s face as he fills with pleasure. Pushing up with my knees I bounce slowly on his cock, rocking against my gspot, I get a shiver down my spine. He grabs my ass and keeps me on this pace. Knowing full well I will cum in this position, I keep the pace. Yoni pulsating, body shaking I feel the climax coming. I tell Daddy and he smacks my ass and pushes harder into me, not allowing me to stop riding his cock. He starts whispering, telling me not to stop, keep going baby, give me that cum. His voice is what pushes me over the edge, I begin to cum with such fierceness I nearly fall off Daddy, but he holds me as I cum, slowly rocking into me ensuring my climax doesn’t stop. He pulls me from top of him and bends me into doggy. Smacking my ass with one hand he rubs my clit with his other. Entering from behind he moves fast, aching for that explosion. Penetrating me over an over, pussy juice dripping from his cock.  Finally he cries out and I feel him shudder, exploding into me, filling me with his seed.  I lean back into him, and we lay there together.  Hearts racing. Bliss.