He used to feed me, every time I visited.  Didn’t matter that I wasn’t hungry, he would demand that I eat something in front of him. Making sure my belly was full he would undress me, lay me back and admire the beauty beneath him. He would comment on the paleness of my skin, the pinkness of the lips between my legs, the softness of my hair.  All qualities he couldn’t possess for the darkness of his skin. He would compare us each time, leaving me to wonder if the colour of my skin is why he wanted to fuck me, if this was his fetish. His burning need within, the need to have something so different from his own.  Maybe it was because he grew up with no white women around him, or maybe it was simply because I reminded him nothing of his mother.

He was always a very generous lover, spending sometimes hours licking and slurping on my pussy. His favourite way to devour me was coated in honey.

Grabbing his favourite jar of local grown honey, he would drizzle it across my lips.  Using his finger he would spread it across each side of my pussy, making sure to coat me evenly.  He would then begin to lick up each drop of that honey, ensuring that I wasn’t left sticky or smelling like a honey bee. Although he was keen on devouring me, it wasn’t very often he would manage to make me cum on his own. This was always a task I had to do for him.  After he finished eating me, I would rub my clit while he flicked his tongue across my pussy. Together we would bring my body to a climax.

After his feast he loved to penetrate me, however I believe the head was what got him off the most, as it was only ever a couple pumps and a few minutes later he would be ready to explode.  Maybe it was the juiciness of my pussy, or the tight way she would grip him?  I never questioned it, although often thought about it on my drive home.

Every time he was ready to cum he would push me to my knees, pull the condom off and finish on my ass. He loved to spread that cum across my ass, rubbing it into my skin. Telling me it was good for me and that I needed the extra nutrition rubbed into me. He was a unique man, but maybe that’s what intrigued me in the first place?