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Fantasies of a BBW


December 2016

Girl on the Train 

​Tuesday morning commute, groggily joining the thousands of other people on the tube. Managing to snag a seat a couple stops later I sit and get back into 'Swing Time ' the current book I am reading. Couple pages later... Continue Reading →


Merry Christmas

Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas!!! Hoping Daddy will love unwrapping his gifts 😉 


​Backseat of the taxi, riding home after a night with our friends. The night has been fun, and I can  tell you've enjoyed yourself because you haven't stopped smiling since we left.  Buzzing on Henny we're giggling and joking with... Continue Reading →

Coffee Shop Thoughts

​There is something extremely sexy about sitting in Starbucks amongst 30 strangers, writing in great detail about the many ways I want to satisfy your needs and punish your body. Everyone around me is oblivious to my pulsating pussy, the... Continue Reading →

Night Terrors

​Last night laying in bed I found myself in such a state.  Throughout the day I can mostly keep myself busy enough  that I don't ache to be  touched, but at night it's a different story. Last night I felt... Continue Reading →

Water & Oil

Daddy finds me curled up in a ball binge watching Netflix.  He asks me what's wrong? I tell him mother nature has come to ruin me.  He leaves the room and I hear water running. Couple minutes later he comes... Continue Reading →

Sweet Like Honey

He used to feed me, every time I visited.  Didn't matter that I wasn't hungry, he would demand that I eat something in front of him. Making sure my belly was full he would undress me, lay me back and... Continue Reading →

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