Wearing your shirt makes me feel sexy.  I often put it on when I’m missing you.  Brings back memories of you in this shirt, watching you touch me and taking off your clothes. It makes me horny. Brings you closer on nights when you’re too far away.

Waking up in just your shirt  I lay back and admire the way the soft cotton peaks where my nipples are hard. I love the way it sits just above my bare bottom half.  I lift up the shirt and gently play with my nipples, one in each hand. Imagining you sitting in the chair in front of me, watching.  I spread my knees as if to give you a peek of what lays between them.  My one hand slowly trickles down to where my pussy is.  Slowly stroking her I’m shocked to find how moist she is.  Simply the thought of you watching me masturbate has me wet and ready for you.  I trace the lips of my pussy, while working my nipple with my free hand.  I allow one finger to dip into the wetness. Then two.  I bring my fingers to my lips to taste the sweetness. And I smile, thinking of how you would suck the sweetness off my fingers.  I put my fingers back inside my pussy and begin to penetrate repeatedly, allowing myself to moan with the pleasure that’s filling my body right now. I remove my fingers and circle my clit, round and round my body is screaming for you.  I start alternating between penetration and the massaging of my clit, my senses are peaked and my breath is heavy.  If you were truly there watching me on the chair I’d walk over and sit on your cock and cum.  But you’re not here and I’m alone so I grab the dildo from my drawer and begin to fuck myself, calling out your name as if you were fucking me.  Suddenly I can feel it coming, I am about to release, I pinch my nipple and allow myself to ride out this climax.  I can feel the cum pouring down the sides of the dildo, the tension in my body releasing.  Taking a deep breath I lay back and grin to myself. It’s amazing how simple memories can make me that turned on.