The waiter leads us to a table in the middle of a busy room. Sitting down you slide a slim black box across the table. I give you a puzzled look, grabbing it in my hands. “Don’t open it just yet, I want you to go into the ladies and put that on for me”. Confused I push back my chair and walk to the ladies. Once inside the confines of the stall I lift the lid and find a sleek black vibrator in the shape of the letter u. I do as I am told and insert it, snapping a quick shot of it inside me, to text to you before I head back to the table. From across the room I see your grin as you check the picture on your phone.

“What do you have planned for me?” I ask as I get myself comfortable. You smile slyly and say, “Just eat your dinner and enjoy my company.”

I smile and adjust myself. Trying to find the most comfortable position. It is such an unusual feeling to sit in a chair while there is a vibrator inserted in me. I am used to being laid back or crouching, never sitting at a table in public. Dinner comes and I begin to eat, suddenly I feel the pulsing. It shocks me enough to make me choke a little. Daddy looks up and smiles. “Baby girl, are you okay?” The vibrations are soft, enticing. Similar to the gentle licks you give me to warm me up before you devour me. I giggle and nod and continue to eat. I close my eyes and relax into the vibrations, allowing them to simply tickle my clit, making it juicy and wet. I bring myself back into the moment, the conversation with you and eating this meal. Just as I begin to get used to the sensation Daddy turns the power up. I watch his eyes watching me, the devilish grin on his face. I close my eyes and take a deep breath. It is taking everything in me not to scream out. “Enjoying your meal are you?” Daddy asks me. “It’s so good, it’s sending waves through my body,” I tease back. Daddy orders me another glass of wine when the waiter comes, and I can’t help but notice the way he’s looking at me. “Is there something on my face?” I ask Daddy once the waiter has left us. “No baby girl but your nipples are hard,” he giggles. Shaking my head I mutter, “And whose fault is that?”

My wine comes and as I am taking a sip, the vibration changes. Now with two strong beats followed by a long light beat, I gasp and give Daddy a look. I stare deep into his eyes, “I am going to cum right here on this chair.”

Daddy’s lips crack into a small smile, “And I am going to sit here watching you until you do.”

“Are people watching me? Can they tell?” I question Daddy.

“No baby girl just relax and cum for Daddy.”

I take another drink of wine and try to focus myself. The vibrator is pulsating on my clit, bringing me closer and closer to climax.  I can feel my pussy dripping, my panties soaking between my legs.

“I wish you would bend me over right now,” I whisper to Daddy.  “Mmm, behave baby girl before you get your wish.”

Daddy is staring right into my eyes, I swear they are peering into my soul.  He is watching to see exactly how I react when I cum.  It’s almost too intimate for the public space we are in. I look around, couples having dinner.  Friends laughing with each other. No one is paying us any mind. My toes start to curl and my eyes roll back and I am cumming. I roll my shoulders and lean back into the climax, trying not to cause too much movement or draw any extra attention to myself.

My face flushed I take a deep breath and sigh.  Daddy turns off the vibrator and smiles. This smile reaches his eyes and I know he’s pleased. He loves to have complete control over my body, and I love to give him that. I slip off my shoe and gently place my foot in his lap. I feel his cock rock hard through his pants.  I rub my toes into his cock, gently massaging him.  He reaches down and unzips himself, releasing his monster of a cock. The waiter comes and clears our table. We ask for the bill.

“I can’t wait to get you home to get you inside me.”

“Baby girl I don’t think I can wait till we get home.”  Daddy gives me the most serious look and I know he means it. He needs to be inside me now. I need him inside me, need to close the gap between us. I need his skin on mine. I put my shoe back on and prepare to leave.

We pay the bill and I walk to the washroom, but instead of going into the ladies I walk into the men’s.  Luckily its a single stall room. I lock the door and take off my panties and the vibrator and put them into my purse. I hear a knock on the door and my heart pounds with anticipation. I know it’s Daddy.  I let him in and quickly lock the door behind him. I barely turn the lock and his mouth is all over me, his hands searching.  He has me up against the wall, mouth on my throat, hands held against the wall. My pussy swells and pulsates.  I need him inside me. Daddy unzips his jeans and pushes me in front of him, bending me over. I reach down and grab my ankles as Daddy reaches up my dress. Fingering me lightly to make sure I am ready he adjusts himself and suddenly I am full. Daddy has entered me and I am doing everything I can to not fall over. He starts pounding my pussy, his balls slapping loudly against my ass. I can feel his hunger, the need for me as he pounds into me.  One hand on my shoulder, one smacking my ass he is as deep as he can get. He pulls out and I drop to my knees, I see his dick throbbing and it suddenly explodes into my mouth.  Daddy empties his huge load into my open mouth then spreads his cum across my face, bending down and licking it off my face and then sharing it with me. He pulls me to my feet and we stand there making out, both of us coming down from our climaxes. We adjust our clothes and leave, hand in hand.