The night is dark and quiet. Awakened by the sensation of your fingers reaching deep inside me, your hot breath on my skin. Startled but excited my eyes open looking for a familiar face. My eyes adjust to the darkness and I realize its Mr. Daddy between my thighs. I smile cause this is my favourite way to wake up, being devoured by you.  Your lips exploring my skin, fingers massaging my clit.  I let lose a deep groan that cuts through the silence and Daddy looks up at me, “Good morning baby girl.  I couldn’t go home without getting a taste of you first.”

I hear the squishy noise his fingers make when my pussy is soaking wet. Daddy just started and he already has my body in a frenzy, like every part of my skin he touches, a million fireworks are being blown off. It never fails, I lose all control of my senses when this man is in my presence. He gains complete control over me, but he allows me to escape the normalities of everyday life.  He transports me to new heights all the time.  He pushes me to explore the depths and for that my body and mind constantly crave him. I can never get enough of this man.

Daddy flicks his tongue against my overly sensitive clit, hitting the same rhythm his fingers are penetrating me. Sending vibrations through my body, my back bends and my nipples perk up.  I roll my nipples between my fingers and slowly push myself into your face. Needing you deeper, closer, further.  I feel my body begin to stiffen, preparing to orgasm. Just moments ago I was sound asleep and now you have my body on the edge, ready to cum.  

Your pace quickens, my body sitting on the edge of that cliff ready to jump.  I feel my thighs being sprayed and a deep groan escapes your throat I realize I am squirting my cum into your face.  Lapping up every drop as I cry out you suck the last drops of cum from my pussy.  Gently you rub my clit asking for part two of this climax.  I grab the pillow from behind my head and scream into it.  I know this part is going to be intense.  Your tongue flicking my clit and your fingers working my pussy, harder and deeper I know you want me to cum again.  It doesn’t take long for my body to be ready again.  Pinching my nipples between my fingers I feel my pussy clench and tighten.  I reach between my lips and rub hard and fast.  Picking up my speed you pound your fingers into me.  Suddenly my body is shaking and pulsating as I cum hard and fast.  I push your face into me as I cum, crying out.  Finally gasping for air I relax and lay back. You gently lick up every drop of cum then climb up beside me and hold me while I soak in that orgasm. Gently stroking my hair and kissing my neck you hold me until my heart beat is back to normal.