Walking through the parking lot hand in hand, we reach the car and you grab me by the throat, “I want to fuck you right here and don’t think about saying no to me,” you breath into my ear.  I turn to face Daddy and he has an evil grin on his face, “But it’s still daylight”
“I don’t care I need to be inside you now”

He starts to kiss my throat and I feel my body heat up, my lips moisten and my nipples perk up. Daddy wants to fuck me right here against the car in the parking lot, and who am I to disobey him?  I toss my bag in the car and I turn to face him.Our lips together I feel his hands all over me.  I can’t see anyone at the moment but I know there will be people walking back to their cars at any moment.  I find his zipper and undo his pants, reaching in and grabbing his already erect cock.  His tongue dancing with mine I start to stroke his girthy cock. My body is tense and excited.  I am nervous, knowing that anyone could catch us at any moment. He spins me round, and reaches up my maxi dress and smacks my ass.  I bend over slightly and push my hips back, grinding my fat ass into his cock.  I hear him gasp and he grabs my thong and pulls it to the side, sticking his thumb inside me. “Baby watching you in that dress has had me rock hard all day. I’ve needed this since I saw you get dressed this morning”.

Gently rocking my hips he is thumb fucking me, right in the parking lot.  I am constantly moving my head, searching for wandering eyes watching us. This is PDA like I have never experienced before and we are bound to be caught.  As nerve-racking as it is, it’s thrilling and making me extremely turned on. I have always loved being filmed, or playing in front of open windows, mild acts of exhibitionism.  But this is next level, way past the walls of my comfort zone.

Daddy removes his thumb and reaches over and puts it inside my mouth. Sucking off my juices I turn and kiss him.  Biting on his lower lip and giving him my best “Come-fuck-me-eyes”.

He pushes me against the hood of the car, reaches up my dress and pushes his thick cock inside me. My pussy juices flowing all over his meaty head I feel him grow harder. He begins to thrust and I hear voices.  I stiffen right up and look around, searching for where the voices are coming from.  I see a young couple, and they catch our eyes. They stop walking and begin to watch us.

“Relax, let them enjoy the show,” Daddy whispers to me.  I smile at them and Daddy’s pace quickens. I lock eyes with the female, and begin to moan the harder Daddy slams into me. My pussy pulsates because I know she is watching Daddy fuck the brains out of me. She begins to walk closer, our eyes never leaving each other.  Daddy is pounding my pussy, making me moan and cry out. She walks right up to me and kisses me on the mouth. Our tongues entwined, I feel her hands on my breasts. Pinching my nipples, she is tugging harder and harder. I cry out cause I know I am about to cum, Daddy’s pace never slows, deep hard strokes into me, one after the next. This random stranger with her tongue down my throat, hands on my chest. I smack on her ass and bite her lip, seconds later I am cumming and screaming into her mouth.  She reaches down and sucks on my breast as I catch my breath.  Daddy’s cock is now swimming in my cum and pussy juices, I look back at him and kiss his mouth.  He smacks my ass and gets into a new rhythm.  Minutes later he is biting my shoulder and I can feel him squirting hot bursts inside me. The girl and I begin to make out more, my hands on her body, groping and grabbing what I can.  We pull away. She puts her number in my phone and walks back to her man. Daddy adjusts my dress and his pants and we get into the car.  Quietly I let out a sigh, “Holy fuck did that just happen?”