Forgive me Daddy, for I have sinned…

It was just all a slip, a replacement of one addiction with a similar need.  Something to fill the void. A body to hold mine and give me the fuck I needed. You hadn’t spoken to me in days, I hadn’t see you in over a week, my hunger for you was incessant. It’s stronger than what I am used to. It scares me the need I have for you.

He messaged me that night.  After months of me not responding to his messages, I had a weak moment. I was going to continue in usual form and delete the message, but I was drunk, horny, alone and hungry for you.

I told him he had an hour, get in, get me off and get out. I threatened him that if I didn’t cum I would never answer him again. And within thirty minutes he was knocking on my door. A quick spliff later we were in my bed, his hand on my thigh.  It instantly made me crave you. But I knew that wasn’t going to happen just then.  I reminded myself this is better than porn and my vibrator and forced myself to push the memories of you to the back of my head.

It was fast, but he put in work and with the assistance of my own touch I was cumming.  It wasn’t the leg shaking, body quivering, pussy pulsating cum that I get from you but it calmed the crazy in me. The crazy that wakes me in the night, needing you. The crazy that begs for you all the time. The crazy has a mind of its own, it grows the longer you are away. Nothing can keep it in check but you sir. The only person who makes me completely submissive. The only person who knows my body better than I.  The only person who is able to bring me to new levels without fear.

It’s you I crave…