Sometimes I come home and put on my knee high stockings just to feel sexy. Particularly on a night where I want to relax with some coconut oil and interracial porn.   Stockings have the ability to make me feel so glamorous, sexy and somewhat like a high class prostitute.  Amazing how a tiny piece of material can completely change my attitude.  Something about the material around my thighs, accentuating my fat ass. Wearing my stockings around the house allows my mind to wander through scenarios of you, me and those stockings.

My stocking clad legs wrapped about your body while you pump your hot load into me.  Thoughts of you stroking my thighs, hands tracing my pussy beneath my black g-string. My body excites and my wetness can be felt through my panties.

Flashbacks to my stocking feet softly stroking your cock under the table at dinner in a very busy restaurant in Covent Garden, watching as you try to mask your excitement. Feeling your cock harden beneath my toes. Watching you choke on your drink as my pace quickens. Knowing you want to cum all over my cute little feet.

Having you meet me at the office on lunch, taking you into my office where you sit on my chair and I on the desk. My skirt bunches up and allows you to see my knee high stockings.  Your hands immediately grab my thighs, you pull my panties to the side and pull me down onto your throbbing hard cock.

Meeting me in the pub after work for drinks, we are laughing and drinking having a fabulous time.  I excuse myself to go to the loo, after coming out of the stall you’re standing in the doorway.  You push me inside the stall, spin me around and reach up my skirt. You’re shocked to find me sans panties.  Wearing my business suit, stockings and heels you fuck me like a savage animal in the stall of the bathroom.


Mmmm just something so sensual about stockings.