Awoke this morning with a sore pussy, a reminder of the fun Daddy gave me last night.  A night that involved a grapefruit, devouring your sweet ass and a puddle on my bed.

When you asked me to kiss your body from head to toe you knew I wouldn’t resist. I licked every crevice of your delicious body and felt you harder under my body. Licking and kissing my way from your toes to your chest I had to force myself to slow down.  I was too excited, too caught up in the moment, watching your face filled with pleasure and listening to your quiet moans, I wanted to devour every part of you. Needed to fill myself with you. When you reached up and whispered in my ear you wanted your ass licked, I nearly screamed with excitement. I always find ways to include your sexy ass into sucking your cock, but had felt to shy to ask to fully eat your ass. To have you ask made me thrilled, its like you were reading my mind. When you rolled over and gave me a full view of that bountiful ass my pussy juiced. I quickly buried my face into your thick cheeks, tonguing and kissing that delicious rosebud. I was quite possibly in heaven there on the bed, between your cheeks. Playing with your juicy ass, tongue inside you, feeling your body react to my every tongue flap.  I could feel your cock rock hard below you and was dying to have you inside me. I love the way your cock fills me and pulsates every thrust, sending my body into waves of pleasure.  You pulled me up beside you and penetrated into the depths of my body. Thinking about it now makes me tingle.

The look on your face when you’re fucking me, such deep concentration filled with pleasure. It’s like you’re fighting to focus but getting lost in the sensations at the same time.  Tugging on my nipples, spitting in my face you brought us to climax together. It was so hot, but you weren’t done with me yet. You pulled out and rubbed my clit and finger fucked my pussy until I was shaking and pouring cum.

Every time you leave I want to cry but I know every time you come back I am filled with mental and physical pleasure far beyond anything anyone has ever given me, making it worth the wait.