2:03 pm a message comes up on my phone
Tonight I have something in mind, I want you to ask no questions just be ready for me.”

My response is quick, “Anything for you Daddy xx”
You know I won’t question you, your control drives me wild.  Never have I disobeyed an order from Daddy, the passion is too strong to resist. My stomach flips with excitement, I know tonight is going to be memorable.
Later that night you show up to my place greeting me with kisses.  I’ve been anticipating your taste all day and savour the flavour. The way your tongue darts in an out of my mouth, how your teeth pull on my bottom lip and the grin I can feel in your kiss each time your lips touch mine.  Your kiss is just a tease for what I know I am about to receive.  You pull back and ask if me if I’m going to be a good girl tonight.  I nod my head yes and you reach into your bag an pull out a bundle of rope. I feel myself getting wet with anticipation, never have you bound me.  You ask me to sit on my knees and you begin by binding my hands behind my back.  Around an around you tighten the rope around my wrists to make sure I can’t slip out, tight enough that the rope will only bite a little if I try to struggle. After confirming the rope is tight enough you reach into your bag and grab a tie. Kissing my neck and left ear, you place it over my eyes, adjusting it to make sure I can’t se a thing.  I feel your mouth hover along my shoulders, hands reaching down and grabbing my breasts. Gently tugging on my nipples as they harden. My whole body is vibrating with excitement. Tracing your fingers across my chest and down my arms, your kisses linger across my body.  With everything in me I resist the urge to let out a loud moan.  Just then I hear the door open and your voice, “Just in time, we were just getting started.” I hear footsteps but no voices.  A big smile breaks out across my face, but I don’t say a word.  I feel a hand on the back of my head and something gently smacking my face. A voice I have never heard says, “What a pretty little mouth you have.  How about we stretch it a little?”

A gasp escapes my mouth and then it is full, a girthy meaty cock is thrusting into the very back of my throat.  Gasping for air, I pull him deeper.

“Yes bitch, take this cock,”

He slowly thrusts three times into my throat then pulls out and tips my head up.  With my mouth wide open I feel a huge wad of his warm saliva drop into my mouth, followed by his thick cock.  It’s then that I feel a second pair of hands on my chest, lips kissing my breasts, hands groping and massaging my juicy tits. My body is prickly with sensations, my mind is blown.  Daddy brought home a boy to play with us, how lucky am I? I absorb the moment and enjoy this cock in my mouth and teeth on my nipples, my hands still bound behind me I am at their mercy.

“I want you to bend her down and J you take her first, get her ready for me,” Daddy’s voice startles me because it sounds so far away. It’s then that I realize Daddy isn’t even touching me, he’s directing.  But who are these guys, who is J?  How did I get so fucking lucky to find Daddy?

The cock is taken from my mouth and I am pushed face down on the ground, ass up exposed to the room.  There are hands smacking my ass and fingers are entering my dripping wet pussy. “Damn bitch, you are excited.  This pussy is fucking soaked,” one voice says as I feel two fingers push into the depth of my cunt.  A moan escapes my mouth and I hear Daddy’s voice. “Baby girl I want you to take this cock and I want you to enjoy it,” I quickly respond with my prompt “Yes Daddy”.

The fingers thrust in an out of my pussy, while another hand rubs my clit. I feel hands on my breasts and hands on my ass. I can feel my orgasm building, I know it won’t be long before I cum all over this strange guy’s fingers.  They must be able to sense my body tightening because the thrusting becomes faster and harder, I am moaning an pleading, “Please, please, please”.  I feel myself on the edge of my release and everything stops. I cry out, and I hear a chuckle. “I don’t want you to cum just yet, be patient kitten”.

Disappointed I let out a groan but I am quickly happy again as I feel my pussy being filled by a meaty cock. He pushes all the way in, balls tickling my skin.  I am full, every inch of him is inside of me and I can’t take another inch.  He starts thrusting and all you can hear is the squishy noise my juicy pussy makes and the sound of his balls slapping against me.  My orgasm starts to build again and I am moaning loud.  I can hear Daddy encouraging him to slap my ass, thrust harder and deeper.  Daddy is directing his own personal porno.   Not being able to see is frustrating, I want to watch Daddy.  I want to see the way his eyes light up, the dark grin he gets. I want to see that sexy fucking body. But being blindfolded is sexy at the same time, not knowing who is inside me, not being able to see their next move. It’s scary and exciting.

I am left void, my pussy empty, pulled to my feet. I am pushed to lay down on the bed. A cock shoved in my mouth, this one with a different flavour and thickness. Hot lips on my wet pussy lips. Small kisses and bites are circling the lips as I am gagging on this cock. I can feel footsteps coming from across the room, and then gently a smack across my left breast.  Moaning, I push my hips up forcing my pussy into his mouth.  “Behave baby girl, we will let you cum soon but you have to earn it first.” Daddy’s sexy voice is close, it must be him slapping my breasts. They are stinging but in a way that makes me want him to hit me again. My wrists are aching but the lack of control is making me throb.

I begin to lose myself.  I am bound and blindfolded. Unable to move, unable to see. I am powerless.

I can feel my orgasm right on the edge, pushing to explode in this strange man’s mouth.  His tongue tracing my clit, teeth gently gnawing on my lips.  There is a fat cock in my mouth, hands on my breasts. I am in heaven.

Licking my clit, he starts fingering my pussy.  My body is shaking, I can feel it coming. All I can think about is that release.  My moans are growing louder, beneath the cock face fucking me, begging for him to let me cum. I am near screaming, all I want is to cum.  His hands quicken the pace, his mouth never leaving my clit. He wants to cum.  I can feel it. It’s rising.

My body is quivering and shaking, I have lost complete control. I am cumming. And it is taking over. He doesn’t stop, fingers pounding my pussy. “Fuck, you just squirted all over my face”. His fingers stop and his mouth covers each inch of my throbbing pussy. Licking the cum off my lips. The cock comes out of my mouth and the boys switch places. He flips me and I am on my side.

“Daddy are you enjoying your view?” I ask into the room. “Oh baby girl you have no idea.  You are such a good baby girl”

I begin to suck one cock as the other guy lifts my leg and penetrates me. Thrusting into my swollen and wet pussy, my body is groaning but the pain feels good.  I am being face fucked, harder and harder.  Choking and spitting, I can barely breath.  My throat is full of cock. He grabs me by the throat and fucks harder. I have never been face fucked so hard before.  My pussy is clenching as I am being fucked both in my face and pussy.

“Take her ass, I want in now,” I hear Daddy’s voice right beside me. The guy who was fucking my pussy pulls out and shifts on the bed. I feel Daddy crawl beneath me, positioning my ass near the edge of the bed. I gasp as I feel Daddy’s thick cock enter me.  It never fails to surprise me.  His cock is so thick and girthy, always filling me to the brim. There are fingers rubbing my asshole as Daddy slowly thrusts into my wet and abused pussy. I feel oily fingers rubbing my asshole and slowly penetrating, one at a time. Small thrusts to warm me up. My stomach knots and I get nervous. Still not very experienced with anal play I always worry until the dick is in.  Stretching my ass cheeks apart I feel the pressure of his head rubbing against my tight little asshole.  More oil is rubbed onto my rosebud and then with a deep breath I feel him push.  Daddy never stops thrusting. I know his eyes will be on my asshole, watching. All of a sudden I feel this intense feeling. All my holes are full. I have a cock in my mouth, my pussy and my ass. I have never felt so full in my life. They all begin to thrust. I don’t even know where to focus. My eyes feel like they are rolling back in my head. I am so full of intense pleasure. Never has anything felt so intense before. Within minutes I am cumming again.  My body is shaking. Daddy’s voice encouraging me to let loose, allow it to flow. They don’t stop, through my orgasm they keep fucking me, in one solid rhythm.  The pleasure is stronger than my heart beat, my body feels as if it is lifting, as if I don’t belong in my body anymore.

“Give me that tight little asshole” Daddy’s voice commands. I am left limp for a minute as they all switch places. I am scared, because Daddy’s cock is so thick. We haven’t been successful in getting it into my tight little asshole as of yet. How will he manage now?

Still bound and unable to see I feel them position me. Daddy is the first to get close.  He rubs my asshole with his head and slowly pushes.  I yelp, it doesn’t feel like its going to work. “Relax baby girl I need you to relax”.

I take a deep breath and all of sudden he is in.  Daddy’s thick beast of a cock is deep inside my pretty little asshole. I am thrilled, and I can tell by his moan that he is too.  The boys join in too at that moment. I am full once again. Three cocks entering me, all at the same pace. I can feel the guy in my mouth clenching, trying not to bust. I suck harder, moving my tongue around the tip, down the base and pulling him in deeper. He screams out and in seconds my mouth is full of hot cum. It sets me off and I am again cumming.  Clenching my pussy around one cock, my asshole stretched beyond imagination. Cocks are pounding both my holes. Swallowing the mouth full of cum I absorb all the sensations. My body is maxed. I don’t know how I can take any more pleasure. One guy and Daddy both begin to quicken. Each following the other’s pace. I can feel a hand on my throat and one on my breast. They are going to cum and I hope they do it at the same time.

“Baby girl don’t you dare move” Daddy is ready to blow and he wants to fill my asshole with his load. I clench my pussy and the guy is cumming. He is groaning so loud and that sets Daddy off. Both of that grab at my body and pound their last couple thrusts in as they are exploding. Cum is shooting deep inside me. I have just been filled, every crevice with hot cum. Gasping for breath they slow and still. We lay still for a second soaking in the moment. I have no words for what just happened. My heart is full, Daddy just gave me the greatest gift. My pussy is aching. I have no cum left to give but need to be drained of three men’s cum. I feel the ropes being unwound from my hands. My fingers ache as all the blood comes rushing back.  My wrists are sore, once the ropes are pulled away Daddy slowly rubs them.  They both pull out and I am suddenly completely empty. I have never felt so empty in my life. Daddy pulls me up and removes my blind fold. Kissing my face he whispers, “You are such a good baby girl”.