Please Daddy…

Fantasies of a BBW


November 2016

Solo Play

Wearing your shirt makes me feel sexy.  I often put it on when I'm missing you.  Brings back memories of you in this shirt, watching you touch me and taking off your clothes. It makes me horny. Brings you closer... Continue Reading →


Dinner Vibe

The waiter leads us to a table in the middle of a busy room. Sitting down you slide a slim black box across the table. I give you a puzzled look, grabbing it in my hands. “Don’t open it just... Continue Reading →

Midnight Snack

The night is dark and quiet. Awakened by the sensation of your fingers reaching deep inside me, your hot breath on my skin. Startled but excited my eyes open looking for a familiar face. My eyes adjust to the darkness... Continue Reading →

For you….

I've never been good with words. I speak before I think, I curse, I use the same words over and over. Half the time I don't have the words to express my emotions which is probably why I cry so... Continue Reading →


Walking through the parking lot hand in hand, we reach the car and you grab me by the throat, "I want to fuck you right here and don't think about saying no to me," you breath into my ear.  I... Continue Reading →

Practice Makes Perfect

Wanting to have you inside of me, through any entrance possible. Needing to feel you fill my pretty little asshole, I practice.  I take my toy and I oil it up and rub it against my tight little rosebud, then... Continue Reading →


Forgive me Daddy, for I have sinned... It was just all a slip, a replacement of one addiction with a similar need.  Something to fill the void. A body to hold mine and give me the fuck I needed. You hadn't... Continue Reading →

Stocking Tales

Sometimes I come home and put on my knee high stockings just to feel sexy. Particularly on a night where I want to relax with some coconut oil and interracial porn.   Stockings have the ability to make me feel... Continue Reading →

Ass, my Favourite Meal

Awoke this morning with a sore pussy, a reminder of the fun Daddy gave me last night.  A night that involved a grapefruit, devouring your sweet ass and a puddle on my bed. When you asked me to kiss your... Continue Reading →

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